Super Shenron
Super Shenron


Sūpā Shenron

Japanese Voice

Ryūzaburō Ōtomo

Anime Debut

Episode 41


Male Male

Eye Color



Zarama (creator)

Image Gallery


Super Shenron (超神龍, Sūpā Shenron) is the magical and gigantic dragon who comes forth when the Super Dragon Balls are gathered.


Sixth Universe/Champa Arc

Super Shenron is summoned by Whis in the language of the gods. Super Shenron wakes up from his slumber and breaks through his barrier. After he breaks through his barrier, he stretches throughout space and gets bigger than multiple galaxies. After Super Shenron concludes, he sends Whis and the others in the cube in his body to get to his core to be able to ask for a wish. Super Shenron only speaks in the language of the gods and he commands for a wish to grant. By the order of Beerus, Whis wishes for Universe 6's Earth to be restored and the humans along with it. However, when Bulma asked Beerus what he wished for, Beerus casually answered that he asked for a more comfortable bed, avoiding getting into the topic of his relation to Champa.

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